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I think, therefore I am.......... I think?

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

4 July 1982
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Date Created:9/22/03
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Eldon is a thinker, but often times incredibly silly. He likes coffee, and mexican food. The only meat he eats is fish, and really likes rice milk. His three favorite bands/artists are Radiohead, The Flaming Lips and Bjork. He loves the world, and the people in it, except the dumb ones, and assholes. He, is a socialist at heart, and somewhat of a libertarian, as much as these 2 labels contradict each other. He is indecisive, as a true Agnostic should be. Eldon is an acquired taste...it really comes down to this; you like him, or you're dumb. He hates anything which he percieves to be remotely unfair. He loves cafes, especially the one that he runs with a gelatin fist. Eldon loves nerdy things, likes Radiohead, Jazz, sci-fi shows, cartoons, math, astronomy, and obsessing over the cafe, oh, and playing with numbers in his head to no end.
Strengths: Eldon will be there for anyone who needs him to be. He's not racist, irrational, or mean. He can do things with numbers that make other people feel retarded. His work ethic puts the average 20-something american ex-stoner to shame.
Weaknesses: Eldon can very often be very passive-aggresive, and spiteful at times. His knowledge of trivia regarding anything is equal to that of a junebug. He feels sick a lot, which all too often inhibits his ability to have fun. Eldon also has a tough time criticizing people to their face, and an even tougher time complimenting people to their face, giving many the impression that he is one indifferent bastard.
Special Skills: Eldon has very few special skills, most of which come from his amazing propensity for numbers. He has fairly decent organisational skills, he's a fairly good baker, and is physically and mentally built to be the perfect fast-food employee. He can think things through more logically than most.
Weapons: !@#$%^&*()
Pet Peeves: Unfairness, illogicalness, interruptors, extreme laziness, drunks, bad music, trendiness, Republicans, trivia snobs, and celebrity worship.

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